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Hate cleaning your gutters? 

For any homeowner who lives in a bushy area, or just anywhere in Missouri where there are a few trees near the home, you know how often you need to get on a ladder and clean your gutters.

Trees are wonderful to have, but they can actually result in a mess if you don't have gutter protection installed. Gutter protection systems, usually known as gutter guards, became popular during the second half of the last century. 

We know that a lot of homeowners like to take care of DIY jobs around the house on their own. However, installing gutter guards is something which is best left to the gutter experts. If you are inexperienced or don't have the proper tools for installation, the project could be a lengthy, frustrating, and expensive process.

Protect Your Gutters From Debris

By allowing your gutters to get clogged, you risk having water pooling up around the foundation of your home. Your roof structure can be at risk by water backing up in your gutter system causing thousands in damage.  It is important to protect your gutters from debris being able to enter your gutter system.

We offer a large selection of gutter guard and gutter covers to keep leaves and other debris from clogging up your gutter system.

BE CAREFUL! Never buy a gutter protection system that puts HOLES in your fascia or your roof. Holes are the #1 cause of gutter failure.

We are very pleased with your Leaf Armour. No more climbing on the roof (dangerous height) to clean out our gutters.

Bert K. Jefferson City, MO

Most gutter protection systems actually get installed OVER weak and failing gutters. Never let a company sell you gutter protection that does not strengthen and reinforce your existing gutter system. Read their warranties! Many warranties are VOID when your old gutters fail.

We are the exclusive dealer in Missouri for the strongest gutter and gutter protection system made. Our gutter mounting system matched with the our Gutter Protection System will protect your home from ice/snow, clogged gutters, insect infestation & wood rot due to a clogged gutter system, damaged landscaping and foundation problems. 

Holes are the #1 cause for rain gutter weakening and failure. Some companies use thin, cheap, bendable aluminum or plastic supports or brackets. MANY gutter protection products are installed over weak or failing rain gutters and then they don’t cover their warranties when the gutters fail.

We also offer Leaf Armour a water siphoning perforation system with horizontal ribs that add strength.  This clog free gutter protection system offers a nose forward design and comes with a lifetime warranty. 

If you have been thinking about getting a gutter protection system in place, call us for a free estimate.

Clogged Gutters & Downspouts Eliminated!

Many companies have their own version of gutter protection systems. Some are just variations of products that have been out there for years.

When reviewing gutter protection systems there are many features to consider such as screens, filters, reverse curve, nose forward, nose neutral, smooth finish, stone coated, texture embossed, no mounting brackets, plastic mounting brackets, stamped aluminum, extruded aluminum and the list could go on.

Our almost 20 years of experience in the industry has brought you The Leaf ArmourTM Hybrid Gutter Protection System. The Leaf ArmourTM Hybrid Gutter Protection gives you the best of all of these in one product.

First, Leaf ArmourTM Hybrid is an all aluminum product and has the hi-flow, water filtering perforation married with the nose forward, reverse curve design giving you two products in one. We also incorporated into this gutter protection one of the strongest extruded aluminum mounting brackets in the industry. Adding strength to your seamless gutter while supporting the Leaf ArmourTM.

To protect your investment the system features a coating that is chip and peel resistant for a lifetime.

Leaf ArmourTM System Features:

  • All aluminum product
  • Hi-flow water filtration
  • Nose forward - reverse curve design
  • Combines two products into one.
  • Strong extruded aluminum mounting brackets
  • Lifetime Guarantee

If you are interested in an affordable gutter protection product that will be there for a lifetime Contact us today for a free no-obligation quote.